2/Sep/2022 6:00PM

Everyday Life in an Imperial Archipelago

Digital Exhibition, Performances, and Party

Join us for our event “Everyday Life in an Imperial Archipelago”: This digital exhibition is created by our digital fellows Jacinta Kaipat and Theresa Arriola from the Northern Mariana Islands. Attending will be Theresa Arriola for the soft-launch of the exhibition, followed by many more performances.

Program: 18:30-21:30 (doors open: 18:00)

Ariel William Orah (sound/performance artist)

Hinemoana Baker (poet/musician)

Pepe Dayaw (performance/dance artist)

Theresa Arriola (anthropologist), Karin Louise Hermes (storyteller/storyweaver), and Rosa Castillo (anthropologist)

Caxxiane (rapper/songwriter) and Makossiri (DJ)

After-party music by DJ Makossiri

Catered by: Cafe Bulbul

Free entrance, no registration needed.

About the exhibition: While war history in the Northern Marianas has largely revolved around “strategic” United States military interests and conventional histories of warfare that highlight technological intervention, post-war development and stories of United States triumphalism, far too little analyses have paid attention to the everyday experiences with militarism that frame Indigenous livelihoods throughout.
Incorporating different mediums, the exhibition provides an opportunity to highlight the everyday resistance to militarism by Indigenous people and seeks to address Indigenous experiences with militarism in everyday life under contemporary U.S. imperialism amid growing geopolitical tensions between larger and more powerful nations such as the United States, China, and Russia.

Jacinta Kaipat (Refaluwasch/Chamorro) is a former Northern Mariana Islands Congresswoman, well-known community advocate/activist, artist and creative director who has been at the forefront of resisting U.S. militarization throughout the archipelago her entire life.

Prof. Theresa Arriola (Chamorro) is currently an Assistant Professor at Concordia University in Montreal (Tiohti:ake) who teaches courses at the intersection of Critical Indigenous Studies and Critical Military Studies. She was born and raised in the Northern Mariana Islands and is currently the Chair of Our Common Wealth 670 community advocacy group dedicated to resisting increased militarization in the Marianas region.

Oyoun (Lucy-Lameck-Str. 32, 12049 Berlin) Doors open: 18:00h Program is from 18:30-21:30h, followed by a party.