Kilian Jörg

Freie Universität Berlin

Kilian Jörg works at the multimedial interfaces between art and philosophy. Academically trained in both fields, Kilian employs the expression of text as well as those of installation, performance, and music. Kilian’s main research interests are that of the ecological catastrophe and how to invent life forms that can deal with it in a plural and queer manner. Currently, Kilian is working on a book about the car as a metaphor for our exhaust(ed) entanglements with modernity.


(with Anna Lerchbaumer) Toxic Temple – An Artistic and Philosophical Adventure into the Toxicity of the Now. Edition Angewandte / de Gruyter 2022. 

Backlash – Essays zur Resilienz der Moderne. Textem 2020.

(mit Jorinde Schulz) Die Clubmaschine (Berghain). Textem 2018.