Marc Agon Pacoma

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (University of Münster), Germany

Marckie, as fondly called by his peers, is a former communication and media lecturer and currently finishing his second master’s degree in Visual Anthropology, Media and Documentary Practices. His works center on media history, environmental communication, diaspora studies, LGBTQ studies, media ethnography, religious studies, and digital ethnography. His video on colonial nostalgia is a homage to his first love, History, and his teacher, who stirred his curiosity about Philippine colonization, world affairs, and historical events. Coming from a multiracial background, Marckie wanted to unpack in his future works the holistic effect of race on an individual’s personhood and the impacts of colonization on one’s mentality and identity.


  • Sexual Objectification of Pinoy Males in Billboard Advertisements
  • Environmental Realities: Evaluating Climate Change Coverage of Philippine Online News Media
  • Mapping the ‘home’: A literature review on Filipino migration and diaspora
  • Nostalgic to Cinematic: (Re)living Philippine Motion Pictures through Digital Restoration
  • Social Mirrors and Political Reflections: Revisiting Cinematic Audiences of Marcos’ Dictatorial Philippines