Seçil Yersel

Seçil Yersel is an artist with a background on sociology and art. Since 1994 she works with and within photography; in search for third spaces and new perceptions of place making; she walks, collects, sounds and shares her productions in exhibitions, publications, in different occasions and moments. Yersel has been in the field of “writing” since 1994; she is documenting, recording and noting the daily life and producing texts on exhibitions & performances. Since 2000 Seçil Yersel is the co-founder of the artist collective Oda Projesi (İstanbul) with Özge Açıkkol and Güneş Savaş. Oda Projesi situates itself specifically into the energetics of the city of İstanbul and its main objective has been to look at the rapid physical and social changes in the urban texture by creating alternative modes of space making and establishing links of solidarity through relationships. Yersel is a member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA)-Turkey.


(2021) Innen Text, self publication, Sanki,  Istanbul-Berlin

(2019) Lost&Found  booklet with Özge Açıkkol, In the Blink of a Bird, nGbK Berlin- Germany

(2014) The Rebirth of the Turkish Delight: Cool İstanbul, Sanki, Platform, Munich- Germany