Madhumita Nandi

Oyoun - KulturNeuDenken

Madhumita Nandi is a photographer, researcher and visual anthropologist deeply invested in re-examining and reforming practices of how we say, save and share our collective memories. Her work centers around investigating and subverting the impact of the colonialist archival practices on contemporary society. Her current research mediates the visual and ethno-histories of indigenous communities in Samoa and Greenland.
Madhumita currently works as the artistic co-director of Berlin based cultural organization Oyoun, where she leads projects at intersections of post-colonialism, indigenous education, environment with a special focus on preserving and curating intangible heritage and ephemeral art. Here she curates and creates projects collaborating with artists and practitioners around the world invigorating customs, rituals and embodied memories, pivoting process driven methodologies, decolonial representations and shared healing practices. In her free time, Madhumita enjoys cooking and dancing.