Manuel Bolz

Universität Hamburg

Manuel Bolz is a Master’s student in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Hamburg and is finishing his ethnographic Master’s thesis on the cultural technique of revenge. Previously, he studied German and Cultural Anthropology and completed his Bachelor’s degree with a thesis on health strategies in Hamburg’s sex work at the intersection of knowledge anthropology, medical anthropology, and Science and Technology Studies (STS).
In addition to his studies, he was able to gain initial work and teaching experience as a student and research/student assistant and tutor at the Institute for German Studies and the Institute for Anthropological Studies in Culture History at the University of Hamburg, as well as a student employee and the Equality Office. After his graduation he plans a dissertation project.


Bolz, Manuel/ Künzel, Christine (Eds.): Rape and Revenge. Revenge-cultures and sexualized violence in intermedial perspectives, in preparation.

Bolz, Manuel et al. (Eds.): Anthropology of Sex, Gender and Bodies. Kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf Alltägliches. Hamburger Journal für Kulturanthropologie (HJK), in preparation.